I Have A Few Songs For You

Tammo Tamminga is an alternative singer songwriter with an edge to it. On his 6th album I Have A Few Songs For You (Rozo Records out on May 25th) he reanimates the spirit of true songwriting, playfully, yet thoughtful folk meets rock meets singer-songwriter. Tamminga comes to table with an eclectic perspective that aims to eradicate creative barriers by challenging the very idea of what a song can be. Paradoxically Tamminga is uncannily adept at working within the framwork of classic song structures, But instead of clashing, these contrasting styles challenge and complement one another, resulting in an album of spiralling tensions and unexpected turns. Whether they are poking holes in commonly held ideas centered around relationships, creativity, mancaves or escapism, Tamminga never loses sight of the fact that he wants to bring a story across. Stories all can relate to. There is always time for a good story condensed in a 3 minute song



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23 april 2022 Cultuur bij je Buur 13:00 – 14:30 – 16:00 uur Groeneweg 69 Apeldoorn. Website
24 april 2022 Cultuur bij je Buur 13:45 – 15:15 – 16:45 Ferguutgaarde 30 Apeldoorn. website



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Dammeet (2004)One Week (2015)
Andere Vrouw (2012)My Brother Died (2018)
Engel (2015)Cunt (2019)
Week (2015)
Laif O Laif (2017)
I Have A Few Songs For You (2020)

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At a young age Tammo Tamminga, who was born in Stadskanaal, received organ and accordion lessons. In his adolescence he switched to guitar because he thought that he would be more succesful with girls darweb markten. Then he also discovered that he was a born singing talent. After high school he studied in Groningen and Cardiff. In Groningen he was part of several student bands and in Cardiff he specialized in the more traditional singer songwriter style, which is popular in many pubs in Wales.

Tammo’s first CD (2004) was in the Groningen regional language and is called “Dammeet”. After that 3 albums in Dutch followed; Andere Vrouw (2012), Engel (2015) a joint project with soprano Minke Zeillemaker and Week (2015). Laif O Laif, another poignant document with Groningen songs, was published in 2017, together with Bernard Brogue. The most recent work is in English. “My Brother Died” (2018) is about the process relatives go through when a beloved commits suicide. The new album I Have A Few Songs For You is an idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Tammo Tamminga has a eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to his Dutch heritage. His upbringing and his world travels combined with his background in folkmusic produces an ever-evolving taste that captures the sensibility of imagination and constantly explores the connection between ourselves and the future. The new album I Have A Few Songs For You is an optimistic collection of songs in these unprecendented times.

Tammo regularly performs alone or with other singer songwriters at small festivals, songwriter cafes and living room concerts.

With a few nominations in his pocket, he proves to be one of the stronger alternative singer-songwriters. Keep an eye on him!